Worcere helps connect you with freelance-friendly, entrepreneur-loving, meeting-welcoming cafes, bars, diners, pubs, restaurants, and other places across the world. At the moment we have a list of places for you to check out and work out of in Adelaide, Melbourne, and Berlin.

Each business needs to have WiFi or power points to be listed, preferably both, and is encouraging of people like you working over a coffee and sandwich for an hour or so. They don't want you to be locked up in a dull, soulless office all day. And we especially don't want you heading for a place were the barista is growly towards laptopping customers.

We have visited, chatted with - or at least know someone that has - every one of the businesses on this site. We'd hate for you to peddle all the way across town to that awesome new coffee shop to discover there's no power for your thirsty tablet.

Want to read the full Worcere story? Read it here, it's about a 7 minute read.

P.S. Worcere is pronounced 'work-ear'. Think: "I really want to work here, this cafe is rad".


Paul Goodsell


Paul Holmes


Richard Dobek